How to Show Star Ratings in Google (Review Rich Snippets)

Star rating is one of the best examples of rich snippets that allows any website to stand out visible among the crowd of search results. This yellow star rating appears under the page titles in search results and makes you trustworthy. 

Some companies even get an increased click-through rate as great as 20%-30% after implementing star ratings in their search results. It acts as a referral or social proofing and for this reason, people are more likely to make a purchase from your site. 

If you don’t know how to get star ratings in Google Search Results, take a look at the method described here. I have provided the easiest method to show start ratings along with reviews.

Let’s check.

Show Star Rating Using Ultimate Blocks

To show star rating, all you need is the Ultimate Blocks plugin. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Install Ultimate Blocks

First, install and activate the Ultimate Blocks Plugin from the WordPress plugins inventory. 

Step 2: Insert Review Block

Now open the page or post, where you want to show star rating. Click on the Add Block button and search for the Review block. 

Insert the Review block by clicking on it. Here there are several fields for the review and providing star.

Step 3: Add Star Rating

You can write the title of the review, author name, feature name, summary of the review, star rating, and also add a call to action. 

You can add multiple feature names by adding the ‘+’ plus button. And define multiple-star ratings in one review. 

If you like to describe your review you can do it on the summary field. 

Step 4: Customize Star Rating

Then if you wish, link a call to action; There are a lot of options available. You can change the star rating to percentage, change the value, and change colors. If you don’t want the call to action button to disable it, you can also disable the review schema and review summary (But I don’t recommend it). 

For review schema, there are multiple fields like item type, subtype, review image, review, description, brand, SKU, identifier, identifier type, Review publisher, review publication date, offer, offer currency, offer price, offer status, offer expiration, etc. 

With these options, you can customize your review in the way you want and it will be shown on the Google search result. 

You can also provide a simple review by showing stars only. To do it disable every option except star rating and review schema. 

In the day end, people will find your review in Google search results like below. 


The review block from Ultimate Blocks not only allows you to show star ratings but also allows you to add the details in the way you like. Besides, the star rating is also shown on the product page along with the review. To mention, this way is not only SEO-friendly but also hassle-free. 

You won’t have to add any code or purchase any paid product to show a star rating. I hope now you will be able to add star rating on your own. If this helped you, please share it with your friends, and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment box below. 

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