How To Use FTP To Upload Files On WordPress

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Do you know how to use FTP to upload files to your WordPress website? If you don’t know, then this is the post for you. FTP allows you to transfer your files from pc to your WordPress site in a simple and faster way. 

After reading this post, you will be able to use FTP all by yourself. Let’s see then. 

What Is FTP?

FTP stands for ‘File Transfer Protocol’. It is the standard way of transferring data between the hosting account and your computer. Once you make the connection you will be able to upload and download files and folders from your computer. 

FTP helps you out when you need to take backup or recover your website from any error. You can troubleshoot many problems using FTP. 

How To Use FTP To Upload Files To WordPress

FTP uses a username and a password, therefore you need to open your software and enter your FTP credentials. Your FTP credentials were sent to you when you signed up for your hosting account. If you don’t remember it, you can also find it on your cPanel dashboard. 

If you don’t have any FTP accounts you can also create it from this section. Just fill-up the details and click on Create FTP Account. 

There are several FTP programs available on the web, but among those FileZilla is popular and considered the best. Therefore I recommend using it. 

Now open the Filezilla programm. If it is not installed, download and install it from the official site. Open the program and From the File menu, click on Site manager. 

Click on New Site and give a suitable title. 

On the right side, you have to provide your credential details of your FTP account. Then click on the connect button. 

A certification pop-up will open. 

This pop-up will open every time you open a connection. To stop it, place a tick mark on ‘Always trust this certificate in future sessions’. Now click on the OK button. 

FileZilla will now log in to your website with the credentials you have provided. Once you are connected you will see files and folders on both sides. 

The left column contains local files of your computer and the right column contains the remote files of your website. 

To upload a file from your computer, browser and right-click on any file. Now click on the Upload button and it will be uploaded to your website. 

Similarly, if you want to download or delete any files from your website, click on it then click on download or delete as you required. 

In this way, you can seamlessly download and upload any files or folders very fast. 

Last Words

I hope you got the whole process to use FTP and upload files to WordPress site of yours. If you have any questions feel free to ask me, I will be happy to help you. If you liked the post then please share it with your friends and don’t forget to write your thoughts in the comment box below. 

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