What Does WP Mean?

wp mean

WP is a word that comes with more than 500 different meanings in eight different categories. WordPress (wp) is most commonly known as a content management system (CMS), but it can also signify “White People”, “Well Played”, “Work Place”, or “World Peace”.

If you are new to hearing the word WordPress, then don’t worry. This post is for you, and it explains what it means and what you can do with it. 

Let’s begin. 

What does WP mean?

WP stands for WordPress, and people love to call it WP. The newcomers to WordPress often get confused by the term WP. Actually, it is said as WP, because it takes less time than pronouncing the full word. 

What is WordPress?

Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Newcomers often get confused between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Well, actually, these two are different. 

WordPress.org: This website lets you host your own website. First, you will need to get your own web hosting and then install WordPress on it. You will be able to use any free or premium themes developed by third parties and also be able to customize these themes as you like. 

From wordpress.org, you will also be able to download community-made plugins. These plugins are free, but some plugins may require money to upgrade to the pro version. Users are free to showcase as many ads on their websites as they like to. Users get 100% of the revenue from the displayed ads. 

WordPress.org is free, but users are required to opt-in for domain registration and hosting services which require money. 

WordPress.com: This website takes care of the hosting part itself. All you have to do is just register an account and then start building. Users are limited to only the themes that are available to the WordPress theme repository. It is forbidden to customize existing themes or upload custom ones on WordPress.com.

The important part is that users are not allowed to upload plugins, but they will be able to utilize a lot of in-built plugin-like features. In WordPress.com, users are not allowed to showcase ads on their website, but they can apply for shared revenue by meeting certain criteria provided by WordPress.com. 

WordPress.com comes with a free blog option with a limited amount of free bandwidth. Ads will be shown on the user’s display, and they have to use a subdomain name unless they are ready to spend money. 

Types of sites that can be built with WordPress

One can easily build an,

ResumeDigital Agency
ForumDigital Marketing

and other types of websites with the help of WordPress. 


When it comes to designing a WordPress web template, the choices are almost infinite. WordPress is the perfect option to develop your blog, and this is what we use with all our digital marketing and websites personally. That’s it, and I hope you learned What Does WP Mean. 

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