Where is The Publish Button on WordPress?

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As a beginner, you might wonder where is the publish button in WordPress. You might also not know what it does. Well, for you, today, I have brought this post, where you can know about the publish, save draft, and preview options of WordPress. 

Where is The Publish Button on WordPress?

After writing a post, you can preview it, save it as a draft, or publish it. If you wish, you can even schedule it for later. 

The following is a list of your preferences. 


The publish button is at the right top of the post or page. Make sure you are editing the page currently. You can publish your post or page via this button. 

If you wish, you can change the publish time, just click on the Immediately text and select your desired date and time. Then hit the Publish button, and your post will be published on that specific date. 


The Preview button is on the left side of the Publish button. This button helps you to view your page or post in a new window or tab. 

There are three different preview options Desktop, Tablet, and mobile. These options allow you to see the exact look of your page or post on your desired device. 

Save Draft

If your post or page is not ready to publish, then you can save your changes. Just click on the ‘Save draft’ button, and everything will be saved. 

Next time you open the same post or page, you will be able to work on it from the exact point where you left. 


I hope this post helps you to know about the publish button and its location. If you liked this post share it with your friends and share your thoughts in the comment box below. 

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    1. Uzzal Raz Bongshi Avatar
      Uzzal Raz Bongshi

      Make sure you are on the post/page editor page and then try to look for the publish button on top right corner. If you don’t find it, then you may see the ‘Update’ button. Which will update the post.

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