How to Add New Users & Authors to Your WordPress Website

add new users and authors

Trying something new is always challenging. If you are trying WordPress for the first time then it may happen that you find difficulties to add new users and authors to your WordPress blog. Well, worry not; today’s post is regarding this problem. 

WordPress comes with built-in user management, and you don’t need to install any additional plugins to add new users and authors to your WordPress blog. All you have to do is read this blog and then apply it to your website. That’s all you have to do. 

Alright, let’s begin then. 

What Are User Roles?

Add New Users & Authors to Your WordPress Website

There are a couple of ways to add new users to your wordpress website. The best way to add users is manually. 

To add users manually, navigate to the ‘Users -> Add New’ page. 

Now you have a form on your screen. Fill it with proper information including username, email, first name, last name, password, and role. 

Be careful when setting passwords and Roles. For setting roles, you have the following options, subscriber, contributor, author, editor, and administrator. You can set any role, for now, I am selecting an Author. 

Finally, click on ‘Add New User’, and your new user will be created. If you set the role to Administrator the following user will become an administrator.

Final Words

If you wish you can also add new users and authors with the help of plugins. If you are not handling more than 100 users then it is best to use default user creation. If you have questions, feel free to ask me. I will be glad to answer your questions. 

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