How to Add SEO Focus Keywords in WordPress

add seo focus keywords

Unleash the SEO potential of your WordPress site! In the competitive online landscape, simply creating great content isn’t enough. Knowing the secrets of strategic keyword placement is crucial.

There are many factors for content to rank above in search results. If you don’t optimize these factors, your content or page might not rank better. Focus keyword is one of the very important SEO factors. Not adding any focus keyword in your content then you might rank your content for the wrong search term. 

This might have a bad impact on your page. Therefore it is very much necessary to add SEO focus keyword in WordPress. If you don’t know how to do it, then it’s ok. 

This post unveils how to incorporate your focus keyword seamlessly into your WordPress content, ensuring your website ranks for relevant searches and attracts the targeted audience you’ve been aiming for. Forget keyword confusion; this post empowers you to become a keyword ninja!

Let’s begin, then. 

What is a Keyword?

What is an SEO Focus Keyword?

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Adding SEO Focus Keywords in WordPress

By default, you may have to take trouble adding SEO focus keyword in WordPress but you can easily do it with the help of a plugin. There are several plugins available in the WordPress plugins directory to add SEO focus keywords. But I recommended using the Rank Math plugin as it is considered the best and also free. 

To add SEO focus keywords in a post,

Step 1: Install the Rank Math Plugin

Navigate to Plugins -> Add New Plugin, and search for ‘Rank Math’. Install the plugin.  

After the installation is complete, don’t forget to activate the plugin.

Step 2: Add SEO Focus Keyword

Now open the post where you want to add the SEO focus keyword. At the top right corner of your post editor, you will find a new button named Rank Math. Click it. 

Now you will find a field named ‘Focus Keyword’, place your focus keyword there, and hit enter button. 

Your focus keyword is now added to the post. To rank a post in a good position, you can try filling all the fields of Rank Math with the correct information. What is lacking in your post and the problems with your posts are shown with red marks. Try to solve those, and your post will definitely rank better.

Where to Implement SEO Focus Keywords?

No matter what technique you use, it’s just as important to pick the right keywords to add to your WordPress site. The tips below will help you choose relevant and targeted keywords for different elements on the page.


The title is the first thing in SERP that a reader watches. Your title must include the SEO focus keyword that you are targeting. Try to make sure you front load the keyword so that your keyword is still visible for the users on smaller screens. 


Best Page Builder Plugins of WordPress that lets you easily build a page

Where “Best Page Builder” is the keyword and is kept in front.

Meta Description

Below the Title, a meta description appears. This is the short description of your post that gives an overall summary to the reader. After reading the meta description, the reader gets convinced and decides whether to visit your link or not. You should write a meta description within 160 character limit and include your SEO focus keyword in it. 


On the SERP, the URL appears above the title of a page or post. It is very important, like the title and you need to enter your SEO focus keyword here as well. But one thing you need to make sure that you don’t insert any unnecessary words like “the”, “to”, “a”, etc. Instead, separate the words with hyphens. 

For example, if your title is “How to add media block to WordPress page”, then write URL as “add-media-block-to-wordpress”.

First Few Paragraphs

The first few paragraphs are very important, and you need to put your focus keywords here. Make sure the search engines and humans can understand the topic or post that you have published. 

Don’t try to adhere to this rule everywhere, but try to mention your keyword in the first 2-3 paragraphs. Keep the keyword implementing process natural. 

Heading Tags

Heading tags are bold headings that divide a page into sections. Headings are not only a place for highlighting content but also an ideal place for including keywords. Both readers and search engines look into your heading and try to understand what the page or post is about. 

Therefore, try to include your keywords in the heading tags, but remember, don’t overstuff with keywords, otherwise you may get the opposite result. 

Body Copy

The body is the part where you insert most of the numbers of keywords. Insert the right amount of kyword in the body part; if you overstuff with keywords, the search engines might flag you as a spammer. But how to know what is the right amount of keywords to insert in a post? 

Well, by most of SEO experts it is recommended to include a keyword per roughly 200 words. If you like, you may use keyword variations and signal search engines better. 

Image Alt Text

Image alt text is a field that is not visible to users but to search engines. Image alt text helps search engines to understand what the image is about and how it is related. It is wise to add small image alt text and a maximum of 125 characters. If you have a lot of images in one post, don’t worry you won’t have to put your keyword in every single image alt text field. 

Checking Focus Keyword Score

After implementing the focus keyword in different places, it’s time to check the score. Each time you implement a keyword, the SEO score changes. The Rankmath plugin shows you, whether you have implemented fewer keywords or extra keywords. Just take a look at the top right corner, and you will see the score. 

To improve the score, scroll below and accept the recommendations from Basic SEO, Additional, Title readability, and content readability field.

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Last Words

I hope now you will be able to add SEO focus keywords now in any post of yours. If you still face any problems, feel free to tell it in the comment box below. I will be happy to help you. If you liked the post, then please share it with your friends, and don’t forget to write your thoughts. 

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