How to Add Number Counter in WordPress (3 Easy Steps)

Today’s readers love to read statistics more than flat text information. WordPress offers you lots of plugins and solutions to showcase your achievements, projects completed, clients, etc., in beautiful counter bars.

This article will explain how to add number counter in WordPress with a simple and easy steps.

There are several steps involved in the process of adding counter bars in WordPress. You’ll take only a few minutes to complete them. Get started!

Step 01: Install and Activate the Counter Number Plugin

Go to the plugin section from your WP Dashboard. Type Counter Number in the search box. Install and activate it once the plugin appears below.

Install and Activate the Counter Number Plugin

Step 02: Add a New Counter

Activating the plugin will create a new section on the WP admin bar names Counter Numbers. Go there and next click the button Add New Counter.

Add Counter Number

Come down a bit below when the new page appears. Give a name for the set of counter bars.

Give a name for the counter bars

Scrolling down again, you’ll come to the ADD COUNTER NUMBER section. You’ll get options to add new counter boxes, title them, change the counter icon, and set values. You can delete the box you don’t like anymore by clicking the delete icon on the right-bottom corner of the box.

On the right side, below the COUNTER SETTINGS, you’ll get the options to change icon color, counter title color, number color, icon size, font size, and more.

Create Counter Box and Customize

Step 03: Publish the Counter Box

Once the counter boxes are ready, come on top and hit the Publish button.

Publish the Counter Box

Go to All counters from the WP Admin bar. You’ll get the shortcode of the counter box. Copy-paste it on your desired post and page. The counter boxes will be displayed.

Get the Shortcode

Below is a preview of the counter box, added on a post.

Preview of the Counter Box

Sum Up!

Hope you have this tutorial. It’s now your turn to use this plugin and create exciting counter boxes/bars on your website. If you know of any alternative solution other than this plugin, please mention its name in the comment box.

Ultimate Blocks is a popular WordPress block-based plugin by which you can also create similar number boxes. Check out a demo of the number box block of the plugin.

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