How to Embed YouTube Shorts in WordPress

YouTube short is an exciting feature that got tremendous popularity since it was released. It lets users create short-form vertical videos up to 60 seconds long. Embedding YouTube shorts to WordPress websites can reach you numerous benefits.

You can increase engagement with your web visitors by sharing fresh and funny content. It can help you with SEO and spread web reach to the vast audience of YouTube. By attracting new visitors to your website, shorts can potentially lead you to new business opportunities.

This blog post will cover a detailed guide on how to embed YouTube shorts in WordPress. It will enable you to integrate this exciting feature into your website. Whether you are a blogger, content creator, or business owner, you’ll find this guide equally helpful.

How to Embed YouTube Shorts in WordPress

Embedding YouTube shorts to a WordPress website is a simple process that anyone can do. But problems arise with its presentation. Since YouTube shorts are vertical video clips, presenting them beautifully on a grid-shaped interface is difficult.

So, here we’ll present to you two methods. The first method will show you the simple way of embedding YouTube shorts in WordPress, and the second method will explain how to present it beautifully.

Method One: How to Embed YouTube Shorts in WordPress the Simple Way

  • Go to a YouTube short you want to embed.
  • Click on the Share icon next to the short.
  • It will open up a pop-up, including the link to the short.
  • Click the Copy button next to the link
  • So, the link is copied.

Watch the short video clip.

  • Come to your WordPress post or page where you want to embed this short.
  • Click on the (+) icon.
  • Type YouTube in the search box.
  • You’ll see the YouTube block appearing. Click it.
YouTube Block on WordPress Block Editor
  • Paste the link into the box.
  • Hit the Embed button.
Copy Paste the YouTube Short Link to Embed It on WordPress Post or Page

You will see the short has been embedded on your post/page. But it takes up some extra space both on the right and left side of the main video short. If you feel like this extra space is being wasted, you can expand the width of your shorts in the following way.

  • Click and select the short.
  • Go to the Advanced section on the right-side editor section.
  • From the Additional CSS CLASS, reverse the ratio.
  • It will expand the width of the short video.

But the problem is the short will vertically more space is awkward and annoying. How to solve it? Follow method two.

Method Two: How to Embed and Present YouTube Shorts in WordPress Beautifully

  • Go to the post/page again.
  • Select the Column block from the WordPress block editor.
  • Select a suitable block you want (we have selected the 33/66 ratio block).
  • Now select the narrowest column block and click on it.
  • Select the YouTube block and embed the YouTube short link by the same approach described above.
  • Go to the Advanced section on the left-side editor.
  • Reverse the aspect ratio into the Aditional CSS CLASS box.
  • You’ll see the short has been expended without consuming extra space, unlike the one you saw in method one.
  • You can use the right-sided blank space by adding content using any suitable block.
Change the aspect ratio of YouTube short on WordPress

This is the smartest way of embedding and presenting YouTube shorts in WordPress.

Before Wrapping Up!

Remember, innovation and creativity are two mandatory things to stay ahead in today’s competitive digital landscape. Embedding YouTube shorts can boost your web presence on Google’s search results and appeal to wider audiences.

But taking time to present the shorts beautifully can give a more professional look to your website, which will entice people to keep coming back again. Follow our website for more interesting articles like this one.

Also, please let us know through the comment section if this write-up has been able to address your queries. Have a nice day! Happy reading.

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