Introducing Content Filter: Make Your List Posts Engaging & Consumable!

We have been working on the Content Filter block for a while. And we have finally added it in the latest version. We built Content Filter to make your list posts engaging and consumable.

If you are using Ultimate Blocks plugin, update it to the latest version and give Content Filter block a try. If you haven’t installed the plugin yet, install it right now.

Now let’s see what content filter actually is.

What is the Content Filter?

Content Filter lets your visitors filter the content based on different criteria. It helps visitors to consume the content quickly.

You might have already noticed this on Brain Dean’s post.

Here Brain lets visitors choose different types of criteria. And it shows the content based on those criteria.

Why Content Filter?

There are many advantages of using Content Filter, here are some of them:

More Engaging & Consumable Content: Content filter makes your content engaging and more consumable. When visitors have the options to filter out the content, it helps them to find what exactly they are looking for. And it saves their valuable time.

Higher Dwell Time: Dwell Time is a ranking factor. If a search engine visitor quickly leaves your page and go back to SERPs, it gives you lower dwell time. A content filter can make the visitor stick to your page and thus increase the dwell time as well as the rankings.  

More Conversions: When you make the visitors stay longer on your page, it increases the conversion rates.

How To Add Content Filter To Your WordPress Post/Page

Now let’s see how you can add content filter to your WordPress post/page.

Just go to the post editor and insert ‘Content Filter’ block.

Then you need to add category. Just click on ‘Add New Category’.

And you’ll see something like this –

Here you need to give a name of your category (like ‘I want SEO tools that help with’). (1)

And you can add filters (like Technical SEO, Keyword Research, etc) by clicking on ‘Plus’ sign. (2)

You can allow visitors to select multiple filters by checking ‘Allow multiple selections’. (3)

And you can add new category by clicking on ‘Add New Category’. (4)

Once you are done with the category, it’s time to add content.

Just click on the ‘Add new content’.

It will create a content area like this –

Then add content and select filters by clicking on ‘Plus’ sign.

Add more contents exactly the same way.

Note that all the elements you see in the editor will not be shown on the preview.

Say Hello to Content Filter: The Only #Gutenberg Block You Need To Make Your List Posts Awesome!

So what are you waiting for?

Start using Content Filter and make your giant list posts awesome.

And don’t forget to give your feedback on this brand new block.

8 thoughts on “Introducing Content Filter: Make Your List Posts Engaging & Consumable!”

  1. This got me interested in your plugin. Going to take it for a spin. Nice way to differentiate your blocks library.

  2. I am really impressed with the blocks that have been created, but I did notice that the Notification Box Block is no longer in the toolset which is a shame because for affiliate marketers we have to place some sort of notification on our posts for Amazon and this was a great option for that.
    I have had to convert my site to using a CSS version of the notification box as a result.

    1. Istiak Rayhan

      Hi James,

      We have moved ‘Notification Box’ to ‘Styled Box’ block. You’ll find the notification box under the ‘Styled Box’ block.


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