How To Show And Hide Text In WordPress (2 Ways)

To give a compact look to your post/page, you may want to hide some content. This way, users will only check the information if they feel interested.

You can do this two ways – using the content toggle effect and using read more text.

Content toggle is mainly used for FAQs and read more text shows a small portion of an enormous paragraph.

Both are useful to make your keep your post/page concise and clean.
Here we will show you how to show and hide text in WordPress using content toggle and read more text.

How To Show And Hide Text In WordPress

Like everything, we will be using a plugin. Ultimate Blocks is the plugin that comes with two blocks (Content Toggle and Expand) to help you to show and hide content in WordPress.

At first, you need to install and activate the Ultimate Blocks plugin. You can download the Ultimate Blocks plugin for free.

Once you’ve activated the plugin, go to the post editor and search for ‘Content Toggle’.

Insert the block and add title of your content in the panel title and main content under it.

You can add more content toggle by clicking on the ‘+’ sign.

You can configure the show and hide options from the block options.

Now let’s see the ‘Expand’ block, which is mainly used for adding ‘Read More’ text.

Add the shown text first and then add the hidden text under the ‘show more’ text.

That’s it.

Last Words

Isn’t the whole process is easy? There are other plugins that will allow you to show and hide text in WordPress using toggling, but here I have described the easiest one. If you still couldn’t use this procedure, let us know in the comment.


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