The Ultimate Blocks Recap: What’s New in May 2024?

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May has truly been an exciting month for us, with stunning new experiences, exciting new features, and a special shoutout from WPBeginner. Let’s dive in!

We just got verified by WPBeginner! 

We kicked off May with a special shoutout from WPBeginner, the largest WordPress resource site. As long-time fans of their work, their review highlighting Ultimate Blocks as a WPBeginner Verified Product is a dream come true. Here’s to developing more valuable products for more appreciation!

We have a small favor to ask: If you could take a moment to vote for us on their review page, it would mean a lot to our team. Your feedback helps us grow and improve, ensuring we continue to provide the best experience possible.

We attended WordCamp Sylhet 2024!

The DotCamp Team came together from all over the country to attend WordCamp Sylhet 2024, and we had an incredible time. Last year, Ultimate Blocks proudly sponsored the event, but this year we had the pleasure of joining as attendees.

Team DotCamp wearing the Tableberg t-shirt.

It was a beautiful, vibrant event, and we made the most of it by connecting with fellow developers and tuning in to the insightful sessions. The energy and enthusiasm were contagious, and we left feeling inspired and more connected to the WordPress community than ever.

So what’s new in Ultimate Blocks?

Now let’s see what’s changes and improvements we’ve made on Ultimate Blocks.

Horizontal Timeline Layout

You can now convert your vertical timeline view into a horizontal timeline and switch between the two. This is super useful for displaying project developments, achieved milestones, and other chronological events.

Learn more about the Timeline block here.

Icon for Each List Item

In the Icon block, you can now change the icon for each list item individually. Simply select an item and use the options panel on the right-hand side to choose a new icon. This is especially useful for highlighting key points and boosting readability. Give it a try!

Visibility Control

Using the Visibility Control option, you can hide or schedule the visibility of a block based on user roles. This can help you tailor content to specific audiences and schedule certain content to appear at certain times (i.e. display time-sensitive announcements).

Learn more about it here.

Time for some Tableberg Talk

Our table plugin, Tableberg, is evolving and expanding with a host of exciting features. If you don’t already know, Tableberg helps you create beautiful, no-code fully-customizable tables with the new WordPress Site Editor.

Here’s some of its latest features: 

  • Switching Device Types

Now, you can seamlessly switch between various devices (such as desktop, tablet, and mobile) to preview how your tables will appear across different screen sizes. This helps to ensure your audience gets the best viewing experience, no matter what they’re using!

  • Get Your Tables Aligned 

The newly added table alignment option for full-screen mode lets you play around with various table alignments, so that you can seamlessly match your tables to your site’s design and aesthetic.

  • Some Brand New Blocks 

Saving the best for last, we’ve just rolled out a lineup of new blocks to enhance the clarity, customization, and functionality of your tables. Here’s a quick look at what you can create using the Tableberg Pro version:

  • Styled Lists: Use our new styled lists to make your data more accessible and engaging.
  • Custom HTML Code: Take complete control over your tables by incorporating custom HTML code, opening the doors to endless customization possibilities.
  • Star Ratings: Try out the star ratings  for showcasing product reviews, ratings, and feedback!
  • Stylish Icons: Explore the variety of stylish icons to make your tables extra appealing.
  • Customizable Ribbons: Highlight key information or promotions within your tables using customizable ribbons—this is the best for important details and offers!

This brings us to the end of May, and we’re really excited for the month ahead. Want the latest updates delivered straight to your inbox? Sign up for our newsletter below!

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