Visibility Control

Visibility Control is a feature of the Ultimate Blocks plugin by which you can specific conditions under which specific blocks of the plugin will be displayed on your posts and pages. This feature allows you to show/hide blocks from everyone and schedule when to show/hide them.

In this documentation, we’ll show you how to use the Visibility Control feature of the plugin.

Find the Visibility Control Feature #

This is a premium feature of the plugin. You can access this feature once you have the premium version of the plugin. You’ll get this feature with all blocks of the plugin. For this tutorial, we’ll use the Review block.

Select your block. Come to the Settings tab. You’ll see the Visibility Control feature under this tab. Click to expand this feature.

Find the Visibility Control Feature of the Ultimate Blocks plugin

Click the option to open and expand the Visibility Control option

Expand the Visibility Control option

Configure the Visibility Control Option #

Toggle on the option Hide the block from everyone. Enabling this option will hide the block from all users.

Hide blocks from everyone

Toggle on the Enable Schedule option. This will show two more options for scheduling the From and To dates. The block will be hidden as soon as the schedule starts.

Enable schedule of the Visibility Control option

Now, toggle on the option Hide when schedules apply.

Enable hide when schedule is applied

Thus, you can use the Visibility Control option with the Ultimate Blocks plugin.

Conclusion #

The Visibility Control option is equally used on all devices. Once you set a schedule, the block will be hidden from all user devices when the date starts and will automatically show up after the date ends.

Type your questions below if you ever face any problems with this feature.

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Updated on May 23, 2024
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