4 Ways Ultimate Blocks Can Improve Your SEO Rankings

SEO is changing dramatically. The techniques that worked in 2018 might not work in 2019.

But the one technique that remains constant is quality content.

And that was our main goal while building the ‘Ultimate Blocks‘ plugin. We wanted to help bloggers and marketers to make their content better and engaging.

If you can create better quality contents, Google will give you better rankings.

But we also realized that having quality content is not enough if you don’t use other SEO techniques. That’s why we added some functionalities to help users to improve their On-Page SEO.

Here I’ll be talking about 3 ways Ultimate Blocks users can use to improve their SEO rankings.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Have you noticed  ‘Jump to’ link or links under meta description in Google search results?

If you’ve been using Google for a while, you should have noticed it. Google has been showing these links for a while.

Having these links in SERPs will definitely improve your CTRs as well as rankings. To show these links in SERPs, you need to have anchor links in your posts or pages.

While you can add anchor links manually in WordPress, the best way to do it is using a ‘Table Of Contents’.

Ultimate Blocks has an advanced ‘Table Of Contents’ block that lets you add a table of contents in your WordPress posts or pages in no time. Here’s how it work.

When you insert ‘Table of Contents’ block, it automatically generates the table of contents from headings. You can decide which headings (H1 – H6) to include or exclude. You can also show the table of contents in two or three columns. You can even change the name of the ToC.

However, it’s totally up to Google when to show anchor links.

2. Showing Star Ratings In Google Search

Another great way to increase CTR is to show star ratings in Google SERPs. Sites like Amazon, Yelp has been showing those star ratings for years and generating massive traffic.

Now the good news is, you can show star ratings in Google by using Ultimate Blocks. It has a ‘Review’ block that lets you add review box like this –

Ultimate Blocks Review

Istiak Rayhan



Ultimate Blocks is a Gutenberg Blocks plugin which has more than 15 blocks.


And the great thing is, it’s schema enabled. That means it will help you to show the star ratings in Google search results.

Once again, showing star ratings is totally up to Google. All we can do is adding schema enabled review box.

3. Show FAQ Schema In Google Search

Google has recently introduced a new schema called “FAQ Schema”. It allows you to mark your FAQ Section to have a rich snippet in Google Search.

Here’s how it looks –

The great news is, we have added FAQ Schema in our Content Toggle (Accordion) block.

It will allows you to show FAQ Schema in Google SERPs. And it will definitely help you to get more clicks.

4. Driving More Social Shares

According to Google, Social Signal is not a direct ranking factor. But there’s plenty of evidence that Social Signal can influence your SEO rankings.

Even if it’s not a direct factor, we can’t deny the importance of social shares for more credibility and traffic.

Ultimate Blocks offers two social blocks to help you to generate more social shares.

The first one is “Click to Tweet” block. It lets you add a simple click to tweet box like this:

Check how ‘Ultimate Blocks’ can help you to improve your #SEO rankings.

You can change the Twitter username, font size, Tweet color, and the border of the box.

Having this tweet box on your blog posts will definitely increase the number of tweets.

Another block is “Social Share”. It lets you add social sharing buttons on your blog posts.

While I believe that you should use a dedicated social sharing plugin to drive more shares, this block can still help you to add social buttons quickly.

This two blocks can help you to get more social shares as well as improve your SEO rankings.


As Ultimate Blocks is not a dedicated SEO plugin, it’s not possible to include other On-Page SEO techniques like meta title, meta description, etc.

But we will keep improving the plugin to make it more SEO-Friendly.

Now I’d like to hear from you. Do you want us to add any new functionality to the plugin?

Let us know via comment. If you’ve found the post useful, please help us by sharing the post on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

3 thoughts on “4 Ways Ultimate Blocks Can Improve Your SEO Rankings”

  1. Istiak,

    Thanks for making things clear that why one should go with Ultimate Block plug-ins. Regarding the FAQ Schema, I have tried it and got it displayed. But, later on, it gets vanished. What might be the reason? What should I do to get it displayed again?

    1. I’ve noticed the same thing with one of our posts. I’ve checked the post on Google Structured Data Testing Tool and it showed the ‘O ERRORS 0 WARNINGS’. But Google is not showing the FAQs in SERPs.

      So it’s completely up to Google whether they will show the schema or not.

  2. Istiak,

    Showing the FAQ’s in the search engine results page is now trending. It’s amazing to compel users to click on the specific question that they are curious about. Thanks for sharing about the Ultimate Block plug-in too.

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