How To Add Tooltip In WordPress Post/Page (Easily)

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If you are looking for a way to inform your visitors about something on your WordPress site, you can take the help of the tooltips. These tooltip WordPress are small hover boxes that give valuable information about the item being hovered over. You can add these tooltips using raw coding or by using plugins. 

Coding may sound difficult for you; therefore, I am showing you the process for how to add tooltip in WordPress pages/posts. At here, I have shown details about two plugins, one helps you with minimal tooltips, and another allows you to add a tooltip with advanced settings. 

Let’s find out then. 

How To Add Tooltip In WordPress Pages/Posts

To add tooltip in WordPress pages/posts, you will found plenty of plugins in the WordPress repository. But if you need a simple solution like only shows the WordPress tooltip, you can use the Shortcode Ultimate plugin. Shortcode ultimate comes with huge shortcodes; once you enable the plugin, you can add anything you want.

First, download and install the plugin. Now open the page/post, which you want to add a tooltip. Click before the word where you want to add WordPress tooltip. 

Look for the Insert shortcode button on the block menu.

You will found a big list of available shortcodes. In the search bar, type ‘tooltip’ and click it. 

An options panel will open, here customize the options in the way you want. In the ‘Tooltip Content’ field, place the text that you want to show in the tooltip upon mouse hover. 

In the very below, you will found a field named ‘Content’; place the text for which you want to show the tooltip. Finally, hit the ‘Insert shortcode’ button. 

Isn’t it very easy?

Add Tooltip With More Customization Options

If you want more options in your tooltip, you can use the CM Tooltip Glossary plugin. First, install and activate the plugin.

Navigate to CM Tooltip Glossary -> Add New. In the title field, write word for the tooltip in which you want to show your tip. In the description, write the tip details. 

Now hit the publish button. In the glossary, I have added a new glossary named ‘WordPress.’ Whenever I write ‘WordPress’ in any post or page, it will automatically show the tooltip everywhere. 

In this way, you can create as much as glossary items you want to.

By default, it will even create a link for the glossary word. Navigate to CM tooltip Glossary -> Settings. You will see several tabs with a lot of settings. 

Bring changes as you require. If you want a plain tooltip WordPress (without any links), go to the Glossary Term tab. Now remove all tick marks except a tick mark in option ‘Remove link to the glossary term page?’

You are all done. 

Final Words

Did you get the whole process? Well, now go and add a tooltip on your WordPress website. Choose any of the following ways as per your need. If you liked the post, please share it, and don’t forget to share your thought through the comments box below. 

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