How To Add Table of Contents in WordPress Posts and Pages

add table of contents

Did you ever stop reading a long post because you got bored or couldn’t found the section that you wanted to read? Well, this wouldn’t happen if the author had added a table of content in the post. 

A table of contents highlights all the valuable headings of a post, and that helps to improve the reader experience. If you don’t know how to add a table of content in WordPress, check this post. 

At here, I am sharing a detailed guide to do this. Check the whole process; then you will be able to add table of contents in WordPress by yourself. 

How To Add Table Of Contents In WordPress

In the default WordPress, you cannot add any table of contents without using any plugins. There are several table of contents plugins that can be found. But as I believe in simplicity, I am sharing the simplest way to add table of contents in WordPress. 

To do this at first, download and install the Ultimate Blocks plugin from the WordPress repository. 

Now open the existing post/page or create a new one. Click on the ‘+’ button to add a new block and search for ‘Table of Contents.’

Click on the ‘Table of Contents’ block to insert it. Now you have a table of content in your page/post. 

Some of you might not see anything rather than a block saying ‘add a heading to begin generating the table of contents.’ If you see this, then consider adding a heading in your post/page. It can be H2, H3, H4, or any heading your like. 

As soon as you add a heading, it will automatically be placed on your Table of contents. 

Then you can edit the headers and bring any changes in the text. You can format your text from the settings of the block. 

If you want to hide any heading from the table of the content, press the don’t show button in the block placed next to a heading. 

There are other customizations available on the block set on the right sidebar. From there, you will be able to disable any specific header types and turn on any additional settings. 

Final Words

There are also other plugins available, but Ultimate Blocks provides you simplicity with lots of functionalities. If there is any other easy way, share it with us. Don’t forget to share your thoughts. See you next time.

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