6 Best Vimeo WordPress Plugins (All are FREE)

Vimeo has already solidified itself as a popular platform for sharing high-quality video content. Though Vimeo is not as famous as YouTube, it’s constantly getting admiration from numerous users worldwide.

According to many online statistics, Vimeo currently has over 250 million monthly traffic, which is going up every single day. By embedding Vimeo videos into WordPress websites, you can display high-quality videos to web visitors.

In this article, we’ll explore some best Vimeo WordPress plugins by which you can seamlessly embed Vimeo videos to your website, customize their look, and optimize performance for an appealing experience.


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Let’s get into the discussion without any further delay.

1. Vimeography

Vimeography is a free WordPress plugin by which you can create a Netflix-style website with a beautiful and custom Vimeo video gallery. Using this plugin, you can easily connect your Vimeo account to the WordPress website and display videos in a customized gallery format.

The plugin is so user-friendly that it takes only a few minutes to complete the setup. It includes customizable templates and responsive design. You can adjust the number of videos to be displayed per gallery and a thumbnail for each video.

Key Features

  • Automatically add videos to the web galleries
  • One-click template importer
  • Built-in caching improves quick page loading
  • Create sharable and downloadable links to the videos
  • Appearance editor for tweaking the gallery theme’s look
  • Enables setting pixels or percentages to control the video gallery width.


Vimeography has a free version available on WordPress.org. Its premium version charges $99/year.

2. WP Video Lightbox

WP Video Lightbox plugin allows you to embed videos from Vimeo and YouTube. You can also display images and flash files in a catchy way using this plugin. It instantly creates a lightbox pop-up whenever a user clicks the video thumbnail.

The video starts playing in a popup window over the existing page, allowing visitors to watch the content without leaving the page. This plugin offers you multiple shortcodes by which you can embed Vimeo videos and update their values.

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Key Features

  • Customizable lightbox for showing images, flashes, and videos.
  • Autoplay and loop options for videos and animations.
  • Responsive lightbox works on desktops, tablets, and mobiles.
  • Allows to change theme appearance, color, opacity, size, and effects.
  • Automatically retrieve thumbnails for the embedded videos.


WP Video Lightbox is completely free to use. It has no premium plan at this moment.

3. Video Gallery

Video Gallery is another great WordPress plugin that supports multiple video hosting platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, and Wistia. It offers customizable gallery layouts, responsive design, and several video formats.

It comes with various display options like the grid, list, pagination, and filtering by categories. You can instantly change the appearance of your galleries using any pre-built template or updating CSS code.

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Key Features

  • User-friendly editor and a sleek lightbox.
  • 16 free versions of gallery themes.
  • 9 gallery layouts.
  • Video lightbox effect, hover effects, and gallery pagination.
  • Unlimited shortcode generator.
  • Supports Vimeo, YouTube, Wistia, and MP4.


Video Gallery has a free version available on WordPress.org. The premium plan starts from $15/for six months.

4. All-in-One Video Gallery

All in One Video Gallery allows you to add videos as posts and create scalable, searchable, and SEO-optimized video galleries. It not only embeds videos from popular video hosting platforms but also supports MP4, HLS, OGV, WebM, and MPEG-DASH.

Since videos are added as posts with the custom post UI, they don’t interfere with the general post architecture of WordPress. You can create unlimited categories, subcategories, and tags from the backend or create a video group.

Key Features

  • Video control options (play/pause, speed control, quality switcher, fullscreen, download, and enable subtitle button)
  • Playback options include autoplay, loop, muted, and preload
  • Display videos in the grid or list view
  • Videos are filterable by categories, tags, and subcategories
  • Easy to share videos on popular social media platforms
  • Shortcode builder to create galleries


All-in-One Video Gallery has a free version available on WordPress.org. Its premium version starts from $4.99/month.

5. Presto Player

Presto Player is specifically built for the WordPress block editor. It gives you an easy copy-paste field by which you can quickly embed videos from Vimeo, YouTube, and Wistia.

This video player a perfect solution for marketers, bloggers, and online course creators. As this plugin is built for the block editor, you can integrate it with numerous third-party plugins like page builders, SEO, and WPML plugins.

Key Features

  • Customizable video presets.
  • Shows muted autoplay preview.
  • Supports all the page builders.
  • Displays multilingual captions.
  • Lazy load HTML5 for screaming performance.
  • Built-in video analytics and integratable Google analytics.


The Ultimate Video Player for WordPress plugin has a free version available on WordPress.org. Its premium version starts from $99/year.

6. Vimeo

This is the official WordPress plugin developed by Vimeo to let web users embed videos from Vimeo without any hassle. It lets you upload videos on your site and then on any post/page. This increases fast loading and quick streaming.

Vimeo is compatible with WooCommerce. It has a stock library offering a vast collection of reels, music, and imagery to help make your brand pop up.

You can also select a customizable template from Vimeo or create your web appearance from scratch.

Key Features

  • Customizable video player
  • Controllable playback options
  • Provides a good collection of customizable templates.
  • Built-in analytics to track the impact of videos on your site.
  • Enables to share videos on social media for repurposing.


The Vimeo plugin has a free version available on WordPress.org. Its premium version starts from $12/month.


Video content is presumed to dominate the content market in the future. Even just a few years back, YouTube was the only leading video hosting platform. But today, Vimeo is increasingly becoming a competitor to YouTube.

Maybe in several years, you will see Vimeo has been saturated with countless good quality content. By using any best Video WordPress plugins from the list, you can prepare your website for the future and start grabbing audience from today.

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