How To Import Articles From Google Docs To WordPress

Love writing content on Google Docs? We all do! But when it comes to importing content from Google Docs to WordPress, things start to get messy.

It’s because directly copying content from Google Docs to WordPress editor isn’t the way to go always. Do you wish there was a solution that would let you import articles from Google Docs to WordPress?

Well, good news!

There are many ways you can import articles from Google Docs to WordPress.

And in this article, I’m going to show you in detail how to do this. Let’s get started.

Importing Articles From Google Docs To WordPress

There are many ways you can import articles from Google Docs to WordPress. In this article, I’ll be showing you the two quickest methods on how to import your articles easily to WordPress.

Copy & Paste

There used to be some formatting issues on the Classic editor. But WordPress has fixed most of these issues on the Block Editor.

So if you haven’t tried the copy-pasting method recently, just try it now with the new Block Editor. You’ll find it very convenient. You may found some space issues that can easily be fixed.

Just copy all the content (CTRL + A and CTRL+ C) and paste it (CTRL + V) on your WordPress editor.

Using Jetpack Plugin

The first method involves a plugin that I’m sure you’re familiar with: Jetpack.

I’m sure you know about the Jetpack WordPress plugin. But what you didn’t know was that you can import your Google Docs content to WordPress using this plugin.

Let me show you how you can do that. If you don’t have Jetpack installed on your website already, follow the steps given below.

Go to Plugins > Add New and search for Jetpack WordPress plugin. Install and activate the plugin.

Install & Activate Jetpack plugin

Once the Jetpack plugin is installed, connect it to You’ll have to create a account for that if you don’t have one already.

After connecting your account, Jetpack will ask you to choose your plan. Scroll down to the bottom and choose the free plan and that’s it. You’ve successfully set up Jetpack.

Jetpack plans

The next step is to install the add-on for Google Docs. It’s a free extension that connects your Google Docs to WordPress. for Google Docs

Once installed, a window will open automatically and a prompt will pop-up requesting permission for the extension to run. Grant the permission by clicking on the ‘Continue’ button.

Another pop-up will open showing in detail what permissions will be granted to the extension. Go ahead and click the ‘Allow’ button.

You’ve authorized the add-on to access your Google Docs. Now, you have to grant permission to the add-on to access your WordPress sites.

To do that, click on the Add-ons > for Google Docs > Open.


A pop-up window will open where you can add a new site. Click on the ‘Add WordPress Site’ button.

Add WordPress Site to Google Docs

Again, another window will open requesting approval. Click on the ‘Approve’ button and continue.

Lastly, you’ll have to enter the login details of your WordPress site to grant permission to the add-on.

After following the above steps successfully, you’ll be redirected back to the Google Docs, and you’ll a sidebar window on the right as shown.

Now, you can save the Google Doc as a draft to your WordPress site with a single click. And if you wish to connect more WordPress sites, you can click on the ‘Add WordPress Site’ button at the bottom and follow the same process.

To import your article, simply click on the ‘Save Draft’ button and a new draft will be created on your WordPress site with proper formatting and images.

Using Wordable

What if you don’t want to use the Jetpack WordPress plugin?

Well, you can still import articles from Google Docs to your WordPress site.

You can use a tool named Wordable to quickly import your articles from Google Docs to WordPress.

Wordable is an online tool that lets writers and bloggers to easily move their content from Google Docs to WordPress with a click of a button.

Here’s how you can do it:

Go to Wordable and click on ‘Try Free’. Wordable has a free 7-day trial that can help you decide whether it’s worth paying for the tool or not.

Wordable asks you to sign in with Google. Choose the account that is linked to your Google Drive and where you write your content.

The next step is to add your website. Copy and paste the URL of your website as shown below.

Once you add your website, you’ll have to download the Wordable plugin and install it on your website.

Download the plugin and go to your WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.

After uploading and installing the plugin, go to your plugins page and scroll down to Wordable plugin and click on ‘Settings’.

On the settings page, click on the ‘Connect Wordable’ button to connect the plugin to the tool.

Now, go to your Google Drive, and you’ll a folder named ‘Wordable’. Whenever you want to publish content from your Google Docs, you can move the doc file to the Wordable folder.

Go back to Wordable and click on the Docs tab. On this page, you’ll see the Docs moved to the Wordable folder.

Once you find your desired doc here, you can click on the ‘Export As Draft’ button to import the article to WordPress.

That’s it!

You can head back to your WordPress dashboard and find the post in your drafts.


So, these are the two quickest methods to import articles from Google Docs to WordPress. From the two given methods, I find using Jetpack a better option as its fast.

However, with Wordable, you can quickly import articles from Google Docs but it still takes a few more steps as compared to using Jetpack. Moreover, Wordable isn’t a free tool whereas Jetpack is free.

In the end, it all boils down to which method you find more useful and fast for your workflow.

If you have any questions regarding the two methods shown above, feel free to ask them. Also, which method will you be using to import your Google Docs articles? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Alex Avatar

    Istiak, actually there is a better way to import your articles from Google Docs. You can use the free Google Docs add-on You don’t need to install a plugin in your WordPress site, it connects directly and it will export your images as well. It has a great free tier and it’s a cheap alternative to Wordable.

  2. Alex Avatar

    FIY there is a free alternative to Wordable. It’s called SeoBox and located at It would be nice if you cover it too in your article to give your readers the maximum coverage.

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      Thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely add that option whenever I update the post.

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