How To Turn A Post Into A Page (or Vice-versa) In WordPress

WordPress is a super easy platform and lets you make your desired changes. But sometimes it’s not easy to get your desired things done easily.

For example, you cannot change a post into a page (or vice-versa) that easily. By default, WordPress won’t allow you to change the post type. 

But like everything we do in WordPress, we can use a plugin to convert the post to a page.

Posts are very common than pages; it’s very easy to accidentally create a post instead of a page. I have done it several times too, and WordPress treats them exactly the same unless you have any specific customizations that are immediately visible. 

Even you won’t notice the difference until you have published the post and see that it comes with a comment section! Or that it shows up on your blog when you have just published an ‘About Us’ page, for instance!

If the post contains a lot of content, it might not be easy to copy them and paste them on a page. In that case, you can consider converting the post into a page in WordPress.

Let’s see how you can turn a post into a page. 

How To Turn A WordPress Post Into A Page

Here we will be using the Post Type Switcher plugin to turn a post into a page.

At first, you need to install and activate the plugin. (Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and search for ‘Post Type Switcher’ and click on ‘Install Now’ button).

Once you’ve activated the plugin, open the post that you want to turn into a page.

In the right menubar, you will notice a new option called ‘Post Type.’ Click on the ‘Post’ link and select ‘Page’.

Then it will ask you if you want to change the post to a page. Simply click on ‘OK.

The post will be reloaded and changed to the page format. You can reverse this from the ‘Post Type’ option as well.


Now you got the super easiest way to change a post to a page. Now it doesn’t matter if you accidentally created the content in the wrong type. Just follow the above procedure and change your post type. 

Let me know your thoughts through the comments box below. 

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