7 Best AI Content Generator WordPress Plugins

Content is king – a very popular saying in the online space. From product descriptions to marketing campaigns, the element that contributes the most to determining the success of all your efforts is high-quality content that sells. 

Even a few years ago, people used to create almost any content from their thoughts. It would consume a good amount of time. But the release of many popular AI tools in the last few years has brought about a massive change in content generation.

If you don’t use them, you will surely fall behind the competitors. Because you’ll hardly find anyone not using the tools. WordPress also offers a handful of AI content generator plugins. If you have a website on WordPress, you can use them on your site.


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So, let’s get into the discussion and explore the best AI content generator WordPress plugins.

Best AI Content Generator WordPress Plugins

AI content generators can save you time a lot. You can generate a huge quantity of various useful content within a short time. Here, we’ll talk about the seven best AI content WordPress plugins, including their key features.

1. GetGenie AI

GetGenie AI

GetGeine is an all-in-one personal AI assistant for content, SEO, and keyword research. It can carry out NLP keyword research, head-to-head (H2H) competitor analysis, create potential outlines, trace out LSI keywords, and generate SEO-optimized blog posts and articles in a few minutes.

You can also add some of your favorite points as headings along with the suggested points from the competitors’ outline. Just like Surfer SEO, you’ll get a scorecard in GetGenie to see how better your content has been optimized using the focus and LSI keywords.

With the plugin, you can also create social media copies, WooCommerce product descriptions, email copies, and many other marketing materials.

Key features of GetGenie

  • Offers 37+ write templates for quickly generating SEO content and copies
  • Compatible with Gutenberg and all the popular page builders
  • AI chatbot allows you to personalize prompts for better outputs
  • Support generating content in 33+ different languages
  • Crafts landing page copies using PAS and AIDA templates
  • Lets you integrate AI detector extensions
  • The free version allows ten keywords and five competitor SERP analysis monthly

2. Jetpack AI Assistant

Jetpack AI Assistant

Jetpack AI Assistant is a promising AI plugin. While GetGenie opens a separate panel on the right sidebar of the WordPress editor for content generation, Jetpack AI Assistant works within the editor as a Gutenberg block.

First, you have to add the Jetepact AI Assistant block to the editor and then type your prompt on it. Accordingly, it will generate content whatever you want. You may create long posts, sales copies, landing page copies, etc.

Jetpack AI doesn’t generate text copies only. You can use it to execute several other tasks like form creation, button creation, and element modifying. Respected developers are still working to come up with more features in this plugin.

Key features of Jetpack AI Assistant

  • Corrects spelling and grammatical mistakes
  • It can simplify, summarize, expand, and translate texts
  • Can carry out many tasks that you used to do manually
  • Supports dozens of languages
  • The Generate Feedback option that instantly audits your content quality
  • Allows to change the content tone and sound
  • Has a free version available with a quota of 20 requests

3. Content AI (Rank Math)

Content AI

Rank Math is a popular SEO plugin used by millions of users. This plugin also has an AI content generator today. Although it allows you to generate content on a separate dashboard, you can use it on the Block editor using its AI block. You can generate or upgrade the page’s existing content using the AI block.

You can research new keywords, brainstorm topic ideas, and create outlines at lightning-fast speed, analyzing the competitors’ posts. This is a key benefit of any AI tool. Rank Math Content AI includes a scoreboard showcasing the quality of your content and how much you need to develop it.

Key features of Content AI (Rank Math)

  • Suggests related keywords with extra information
  • Covers 40+ highly convertible templates and tools
  • Simplifies user experience with a clean and modern scoreboard
  • Allows to set content tone for targeted audiences
  • Supports a wide number of languages
  • Comes with a personalized chatbot
  • Seamlessly integrate with Elementor and Divi



BERTHA AI uses the GPT-3 language model to generate unique texts and images based on your prompt inputs. The plugin has a Chrome extension as well. After you install the plugin, a BERTHA AI icon will appear on the Block editor.

Clicking on the icon will open up a sidebar where you can input your prompts to generate text content. You can generate new ideas and upgrade old content already on your posts and pages. BERTHA AI is one of the easiest AI tools we have found so far.

Key features of BERTHA AI

  • Allows to write product descriptions with engaging sales copies
  • Creates long to short blog posts and page copies
  • Compatible with page builders and all the popular plugins
  • Includes a dozen pre-built templates for copy generation
  • Helps you generate effective blog post outlines
  • Supports 24+ languages 

5. AI Power

AI Power

AI Power is bound to give you a WOW experience. It’s a complete AI package to carry out all sorts of work essential for a website. You can connect your personal Chat GPT account to the plugin using the Chat GPT AIP key. After that, the Pandora box will open for you.

The plugin is powered by many advanced AI language models. Not only does the plugin let you generate text content, but it also generates images using models like DALL-E, Pexels, and Pixabay. You just have to connect the plugin to the models through respective API keys.

Key features of AI Power

  • Allows you to top-notch WooCommerce product descriptions
  • Works with 40 different languages
  • Helps to create a powerful chatbot to handle leads and clients
  • Able to generate AI forms based on prompts
  • Can convert voice speeches to text content
  • It lets you train the AI for better performances

6. ContentBot AI Writer

ContentBot AI

ContentBot AI is actually a web application where you can generate your desired type of content based on prompts. So, after installing the plugin, you have to connect it to the web application via an API key. The plugin will start working nice and fine after that.

ContentBot AI actually works a WordPress block on the post and page editors. After the block is added, you can define snippets to generate the content you want. Like any other plugin, this one can also generate blog posts, landing page copies, product descriptions, and else.

Key features of ContentBot AI Writer

  • Comes up with video ideas and descriptions
  • Able to summarize and simplify long and difficult write-ups
  • Follows AIDA, PBS, and PAS formulas for copywriting
  • Allows to upload a big chunk of data and process them based on prompts
  • Supports content generation in 110+ languages

7. Copymatic


Copymatic is a nice tool for creating conversion-centric blog posts, articles, and social media content. This one is also a web application. So, like the above two plugins, you have to connect this one to the web application via an API code.

After the plugin is connected, you’ll be taken to the web application for content generation. You can copy-paste the content afterward to your blog posts and articles. Copymatic also helps you create content outlines before that.

Key features of Copymatic 

  • Copymatic includes 80+ templates for quick content creation
  • You can create a personal workspace on the web application
  • With the Smart Editor, you can easily proofread the content
  • Chatbot will allow you to create content without depending on templates


Indeed, AI content generators can save you a good deal of time. But you must check and revise them before publishing. Because sometimes AI tools may add some unnecessary and wrong information, which may destroy your brand value.

Plus, writing accurate prompts has become a must-have skill to generate text content. If you are new or don’t have enough authority on it, we recommend you practice prompt writing for a few days. This will grow confidence in your mind and help you generate wonderful and engaging content.

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