9 Best GDPR WordPress Plugins for Cookie Compliance

One of the most urgent pieces of legislation that your website needs to be compliant with is the GDPR. As it impacts almost all of your visitor’s personal data, it is one of the most critical policies for businesses to follow. It gives you, as a site owner, the control of your site’s data collection and usage.

If you are a blogger or run an e-commerce site, you have to be GDPR compliant. 

While the GDPR policies are hard to figure out and even harder to implement, we’re here to help you out. 

Take a look at the 7 best free GDPR WordPress plugins below, and your compliance will be up and running in no time!


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Let’s see more details of these plugins.

CookieYes helps you level up your consumer protection and privacy rights. It comes with a wide variety of exciting features, all set up to support GDPR regulations on your website. 

It is the home of an extensive range of compliance regulations from all over the world, including LGPD of Brazil, CNIL of France, and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The plugin supports multiple languages so that you can cater to your bilingual audiences in their native tongue. It is mobile responsive and designed to blend in, allowing you to match it to your brand (fonts, colors & styles) with a few customization tweaks.

It has a nice set of configurable options which you can set according to user behavior. If a user chooses to scroll by the cookie notice or cause a delay in accepting the cookie agreement, you can configure the plugin to set a default response. You can also place the cookie banner in various sections of your website.

Key Features:

  • WPML Compatible
  • Pre-built Consent Templates
  • Customizable Consent Banner
  • Integrations with all CMS
  • Generates Custom Privacy Policy
  • Import/Export Cookies

It’s a free plugin that you can download from WordPress.org. It has a pro version as well that costs $69 for a single site.

Cookie Notice & Compliance is a 2-in-1 plugin with all the functionalities to fulfill GDPR and CCPA requirements. It has a cookie management platform that simplifies and automates your website’s compliance features, enabling you to ensure data privacy for all.

The plugin offers a consent framework that integrates the guidelines for 100+ countries, guaranteeing that your website will always be up-to-date with international data privacy laws. It has 3 different consent options (none, some, or all cookies) to let your visitors pick the extent of the data collected. Your visitors can also control the duration of their consent, allowing your WordPress site to incorporate the latest guidelines from EU Data Protection Authorities fully. 

The plugin offers a banner with a notice message, which you can customize to match your brand colors. It has an analytics dashboard to monitor visitor behavior and consent tracking. You can configure your consent banner to automatically translate depending on your visitors’ needs. Its consent storage lets you export the consent records whenever necessary.

Key Features:

  • SEO Friendly
  • Cookie Banner Templates
  • Customizable Notice Message
  • Consent on Click, Scroll, or Close
  • Multiple Cookie Expiry Options
  • WPML and Polylang Compatible

The plugin is completely free.

3. Complianz

 Complianz offers a fantastic consent management platform with a built-in cookie scan feature. It automatically sets a customized Cookie Policy depending on your region (European Union, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, etc.)

It comes with multiple banner templates and cookie pop-ups. You can configure the banners to be dismissed on scroll, time on page, or both. You can use custom CSS to ensure your banner matches the look and feel of your WordPress site.

It blocks 3rd party cookies to maximize your data privacy features. If you require a custom integration with a plugin or theme, it helps automatically detect and connect the integrations. It does a periodical scan for updates in the cookie policy and 3rd Party services, so you can rest assured that your GDPR plugin is always up-to-date.

Key Features:

  • Built-in Cookie Scan
  • Customized Cookie Policy
  • Gutenberg Blocks Enabled
  • Blocks iFrames and Social iFrames 
  • Anonymizes Personal Data if necessary

It’s a freemium plugin. The free version is available in the WordPress repository. And the pro version costs $45 for a single site.

Legal Pages is a handy tool to help you generate relevant legal page documents on your WordPress site. It has a ton of ready-made templates to help solidify your website’s authenticity, which include GDPR, CCPA, DMCA, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and Cookie Policy documents. 

Similar to the other plugins mentioned in this article, Legal Pages has 5 different cookie bar layouts. They work as a fantastic pop-up cookie notice and can be placed anywhere on your site. Once again, everything is highly customizable to match your brand colors and style.

Key Features:

  • 5 cookie Bar Templates
  • 26 Pre-built Legal Page Policies 
  • Can Build Custom Policy
  • More than 15 Shortcodes
  • No Coding Experience Required

The plugin has both free and pro versions. The pro version costs $39/year for a single site.

GDPR Cookie Compliance is a powerful WordPress plugin to help manage your website’s compliance needs. It allows users to consent or revoke their consent to your cookies, granting them complete control over their privacy. 

It has an intuitive user interface with a wide range of options to help you collect consent. It has multiple layouts for your cookie notice, and you can customize your cookie banner by uploading your logo, colors, and fonts. It supports 16 languages for your multi-national visitors. Users can renew or reject their consent- you can also set an expiry date for your cookies for complete transparency. 

Key Features:

  • Sleek Animations
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Two Unique & Intuitive Layouts
  • Available in 16 Languages
  • Consent Expiration Settings
  • Flexible Cookie Script Loading

This plugin can be downloaded for free from the WordPress repo.

6. Termly

Termly offers a custom cookie consent banner and cookie policy to help your WordPress site comply with international data privacy laws and regulations. It has a group of developers and designers who continually update the plugin to meet the up-to-date privacy laws around the world.

You can place your cookie banner anywhere on your page, whether it be top, bottom, corner, or full-screen. You can configure multiple banners depending on your visitors’ locations; for example, a separate banner may be applicable for your EU visitors. It automatically generates cookie descriptions and policies, which are entirely customizable.

The plugin has a relatively simple setup process. It automatically blocks tracking mechanisms and scripts on the internet to help protect your site further. As it is highly configurable, you can set the website behavior if your user chooses to accept, reject or scroll by your cookie banner. 

Key Features:

  • Highly Responsive
  • Multi-language Support
  • Terms and Conditions Generator
  • Regional Ganner Display Options
  • Automatic Updates to the Cookie Policy
  • Customizable Text, Font, Theme, and Colors

The basic version of the plugin is free. And the pro version starts at $10/month.

7. WP AutoTerms

Navigating the intricate world of legal requirements for your WordPress website just got easier with WP AutoTerms. This versatile plugin is a go-to resource for ensuring your website aligns with critical regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and Amazon Associates’ affiliate link disclosure.

With WP AutoTerms, generating crucial legal documents is a breeze. The plugin offers a user-friendly wizard to craft Privacy Policies, Terms & Conditions agreements, and Cookies Policies. Plus, you have the flexibility to create custom legal pages and efficiently manage them, all within the WP AutoTerms interface.

For those seeking advanced compliance, WP AutoTerms offers a premium license. This upgrade unlocks features like creating a professional Privacy Policy compliant with CCPA and GDPR requirements, displaying a Cookies Notice banner to meet EU Cookies Directive standards, and adding affiliate link disclosures.

Key Features:

  • Simplifies GDPR, CCPA, and Affiliate Link Disclosure Compliance
  • Effortlessly Creates Essential Legal Documents
  • Offers Customization for Legal Pages
  • Premium Upgrade for Advanced Compliance
  • Accessible for Websites of All Sizes

WP AutoTerms offers a free version, and its pro plan costs $39 per website.

8. iubenda 

iubenda, designed by legal experts, is like having a compliance expert on your team, helping you meet the complex requirements of regulations like GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and more.

This plugin takes the guesswork out of compliance. It scans your website, understands your unique needs, and configures itself accordingly.

One of its standout features is its cookie management prowess. With iubenda, you can easily create fully customized cookie banners, manage cookie consent, and securely store proof of GDPR-required consent for cookies. It even crafts CCPA notices with functional links to ensure you follow the law.

But iubenda isn’t limited to cookies. It also speeds up the process of crafting professional privacy and cookie policies that match your exact requirements. These policies, available in 10 languages and optimized for Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), keep you compliant and extend your website’s reach.

iubenda goes the extra mile by automatically detecting user locations and applying the right privacy settings. This feature is particularly handy if your website caters to a global audience.

Key Features:

  • Automated Setup Tailored to Your Website
  • Cookie Control and Consent Management
  • CCPA Compliance with Notice Links
  • Multilingual Policy Creation
  • Location-Based Privacy
  • Efficient GDPR Consent Records
  • Customizable Terms and Conditions

iubenda’s Essential plan is available at $6.99 per site/month.

Cookie Information is the perfect tool to help you streamline your website permissions and consent management. It monitors the international data protection regulations for you, leaving you the freedom to focus on the work you love.

It automatically creates cookie pop-ups and consent logs to control your privacy policy. You can translate your pop-up to 40+ languages to address your audience in their local tongue. The plugin also continuously scans your web pages to monitor whether they violate GDPR, ePrivacy, and CCPA privacy regulations. 

Its dashboard presents all the collected user data for your convenience, which you can use to maximize user experience and boost revenue in the long run. If you are using additional plugins or integrations, Cookie Information will add GDPR checkboxes to those- ensuring all-round compliance support throughout your WordPress site.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Pop-ups
  • Translates to 40+ Languages
  • Monitoring via Cookie Scanner
  • Ensures Compliance Across Integrations
  • Allows you to use External Privacy Policy if necessary
  • Manual/Automatic Consent Settings, depending on your preference

The plugin is free and available in the WordPress directory.


We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Going through the features carefully will hopefully help you find the perfect GDPR plugin for your needs. If you would like to learn more about GDPR policies, we recommend reading the official GDPR regulations on the EU website. 

If you found this article helpful, please consider sharing it or leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading, we look forward to providing you with more helpful articles!

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