How to Add a News Ticker in WordPress Within 3 Steps

How to Add a News Ticker in WordPress

Do you want a complete guide on how to add a news ticker in WordPress? We have a comprehensive guide for that.

The guideline is easy to follow and will not require any coding knowledge. But before that, we must learn some details about news ticker plugins.

What are the benefits of using a news ticker plugin?

With its unique features, a news ticker plugin can offer several benefits for websites, especially those delivering timely and engaging content. When choosing a news ticker plugin, consider key features such as ease of use, personalization options, and compatibility with your website’s platform. Here are some of the standout benefits of using a news ticker plugin:

Highlighting Breaking News: A news ticker plugin, with its ability to prominently display breaking news, important announcements, or the latest updates at the top or bottom of your website, ensures that visitors are immediately and constantly informed about critical information.

Attracting Attention: The news ticker’s scrolling nature draws attention to featured content, making visitors more likely to notice and engage with the information displayed.

Content Freshness: Regularly updated news ticker content contributes to your website’s freshness and potentially boosts your SEO, giving you confidence in its effectiveness.

Internal Linking: Use the ticker to link to other pages or posts on your website, improving internal linking and user navigation.

Why Choose Ditty as Your News Ticker Plugin?

We have selected Ditty for today’s tutorial post. There are certain reasons for this choice.

Ditty is one of the best multipurpose plugins for displaying content in a news ticker, slider, and list. The plugin can pull content manually, or you can address the source by adding extensions.

You can display content from your RSS feeds, social media, image galleries, and custom post types.

Why should you choose Ditty as your news ticker plugin?

What’s the price of Ditty?

Now, let’s jump to our tutorial below.

How to Add a News Ticker in WordPress

Adding a news ticker in WordPress is easy using the Ditty WordPress plugin.

Step 1: Install & Activate Ditty

To install Ditty, go to your WordPress Dashboard. Now, Navigate to Plugins (1) > Add New Plugins (2) > Ditty (3) > Install Now(4).

Next, you need to activate the plugin.

Step 2: Create Ditty

To create a news ticker and display it on your website, you must create Ditty. Go to your dashboard (1), navigate to Ditty (2), and click Add New (3).

Select “Default(1) to insert content manually and click the “Add Default” (2) button.

Now, enter the text content that you want to display.

Head over to the “Display” tab. Select the “Ticker” option to display your announcement as a ticker, and click the “Update Type” button.

Step 3: Customize the News Ticker

Now, it’s time to customize the news ticker. To do so, go to the Styles tab.

After customizing your Ditty styles, click the “Save Ditty” button.

Now, navigate to Ditty and copy the shortcode.

Paste the shortcode (CTRL + V) on your post, page, or any place you want to display the news ticker. After placing the shortcode, you must update your post or page.

Here is the final look below.

Final Thoughts

Don’t you think adding a news ticker is easy in WordPress? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Also, let me know if you’ve faced any issues following the tutorial guidelines. I would love to talk about it.


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