How to Add Drop Shadow to Images in WordPress (3 Easy Steps)

How to Add Drop Shadow to Images in WordPress

In WordPress, adding drop shadows to images not only enhances their visual appeal but also makes them stand out on the page, capturing your audience’s attention. 

Today, we’re diving into a fascinating tutorial on ‘How to Add Drop Shadow to Images in WordPress.’ But before we get started, let’s explore the world of image drop shadows. 

What is Drop Shadow?

Why Would You Use Drop Shadow?

Do I need to Install Additional Plugins to Add Drop Shadow To Images?

How to Add Drop Shadow to Images in WordPress

Adding Drop Shadows to images in WordPress is pretty easy. The greatest part is that you do not need to install additional plugins.

Step 1: Select Images

Head over to your posts and pages where you want to add drop shadows to your images. Select the image (1) in the post or page. Now, navigate to Settings (2)> Block (3)> Styles (4)> Shadow (5).

Step 2: Go To Border & Shadow Options

Select the Border & Shadow options and check the Shadow option in the dialogue box.

Step 3: Select the Drop Shadow Style

Click on the Drop Shadow option and select your desired drop shadow effect.

Final Thoughts

That is how you add a drop shadow to images in WordPress. Isn’t that super easy? Let us know in the comment section below.

Also, you can ask us any questions regarding the post and drop shadow.

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