How to Align Images in WordPress (Left, Center, Or Right)

Images are an important element for blog posts and landing pages of any website. They can hook readers’ attention, create an eye-soothing environment, and improve user experience by breaking down long sections of texts and discussions.

But images may often lose their value and make the entire interface messy if they aren’t properly aligned. Perfect image alignment can improve the visual appeal, text readability, and overall web design layout.

This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to align images in WordPress between left, center, and right positions. Before that, we’ll answer a basic question. Let’s get started!

Image alignment is the process of positioning images within the post and page content of a website. There are three types of image alignments.

Left Alignment: It positions images to the left edge of the content or margin on a web page or post interface. This is a default alignment in WordPress.

Center Alignment: It positions images at the center portion of the content area. This alignment is used for images that are large in size and intends to grab the main focus.

Right Alignment: It positions images to the right edge of the margin or content area. This can help you balance out the design, show contrast, and create a connection with the text.

How to Align Images in WordPress

Aligning images in WordPress is very simple. The Gutenberg block editor has made the process super easy. Upload your desired images first to the post or page using the image block of the editor. Once uploaded, you can align its position by the following steps.

  • Take your cursor on the image and click it.
  • This will select the image and open a toolbar on top.
  • You’ll see the Alignment icon on it. Click it.
Alignment Icon on WordPress Block Editor

You’ll see all the alignment options have appeared like a dropdown list. By clicking between them, you can select the right alignment for your image.

Image Aligment Options in WordPress

Please watch the video clip below for further clear explanation.

Hit the Save draft/Publish/Update button from the top-right corner once your alignment selection is made.

Thus, you can align images on your WordPress websites. Isn’t it very easy?


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