How To Schedule Posts In WordPress

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If you are unable to publish posts at the exact time then there’s no need to worry anymore. You can use Schedule posts using the default scheduling feature of WordPress. After that, all your posts will be published at the exact time that you want. 

This is one of the very useful features that is most beginners don’t even notice. Using the scheduling feature is very much easy. Just go through this post, then schedule your posts in the way you want to. 

Why Schedule WordPress Posts?

The best way to publish a post is to publish it regularly, but due to a busy schedule can you publish it at the exact time? Or can you remember publishing posts with all the busy schedules?

That’s why Schedule Post features come in handy. You can write up all your posts and then go ahead with the editorial calendar. Once you finished writing you can schedule posts to be published at a specific date and time. 

Another reason for scheduling is traffic hours. There’s a certain time in a day when your website gets the peak of your users. By publishing at that time you can take benefit of extra traffic. 

If you live in a different time zone that what would you do? Would you publish a post at night at 3 am? That looks insane. For this case, you can use this feature and have a sound sleep. 

Now that you have understood the benefits, let’s take a look at how to schedule posts in WordPress. 

How To Schedule Posts In WordPress

Scheduling a post is very much easy. Once you are done writing your post click on the ‘Document’ tab on the edit screen. Under the Status & Visibility panel click on the blue text written ‘Immediately’.

This will open a panel where you will be able to pick up a date. From this date picker, pick a date and time for publishing your post. 

You can select any future date you want. If you select any past date then your post will be published on that date. After selecting the future date you will notice that the ‘publish’ button has changed to the ‘Schedule’ button. 

Click the Schedule button and your post will be scheduled. 

If an emergency arrives you can also cancel the schedule. Just click on the switch to draft button. Later on publish any time you want. 

It is totally up to you, how you want to schedule posts on your website. 

Final Words

I hope now you have successfully learned how to schedule posts on WordPress. This will save you precious time. Now you can enjoy your holidays without worrying just schedule posts and those will be posted regularly as you set the time. 

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