How to Add a Hyperlink In WordPress Post/Page

If you are a newbie, then it might be tough for you to add a link in WordPress. Well, not knowing is not a crime. There are several ways to add links to WordPress. 

You can add links in your pages, posts, widgets, menu, footer, sidebar, etc. In this guide, I will show you how to add a link to your WordPress post, page, widget, and menu. 

Don’t forget to stick till last. Let’s begin then. 

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How To Add A Link In WordPress Post/Page

WordPress comes with two different editors, Block and Classic. Block Editor is the default editor but you can also use classic editor by disabling Gutenberg. I will show the link adding process for both of these editors. 

It’s very easy to add links in your pages and blog posts using the Gutenberg editor of WordPress. Just create a new post or page or edit the existing one. 

Now select the text in which you want to attach your desired link, this portion of selected text is called anchor text. 

Click on the “Link” button or press ‘ctrl + k.’ A box will appear where you can place your link. For example, GroundWP is the best lightweight, super-fast, AMP ready theme for bloggers, the last portion has the URL

In this way, you can copy and paste an URL on any page or post you want. 

Don’t forget to click the Apply button or press ‘Enter’ after placing the link. 

If you want to link any content of your site, then it can be a lot quicker to search for it. After selecting the anchor text, type a word or two of your content title, and WordPress will manage rest. 

Click on the title of the post or page you want to link to and the URL will be automatically added. 

By default, the link will be opened in the existing tab. But if you want to open it in a new tab, toggle the ‘Open in new tab button.’

Note: We recommend to use this option for third party links. In this way, your visitors won’t leave your website while visiting it. 


I hope you have found what you were expecting for, and now you have learned easily to add a link to WordPress. If you are still not able to add a link to your WordPress, comment below. I will be there to help you. 

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