How To Add Tables In WordPress (With/out A Plugin)

add tables in wordpress

Tables are beautiful. They allow you to display data in an easy-to-understand way. They can also help you to increase your conversion rates.

But it’s not easy to add tables in WordPress, especially if you are using the old Classic Editor. You need to use either HTML codes or a table plugin for that.

Now the good news is, WordPress has added a dedicated ‘Table Block‘ in the Block Editor. It allows you to create tables within the WordPress editor.

However, the Table block is not enough if you want to create more advanced and beautiful tables. On that case, you need to use a WordPress table plugin.

Here we will show you how to add tables in WordPress posts and pages in two ways –

Let’s get started with the first way.

Creating A Table Using The WordPress Block Editor

The Block Editor of WordPress comes with a super-easy way to add tables in your pages/posts. It will take less than 1 minute to create a table. 

First, open an existing page/post or create a new one. Click on the plus (+) button to add a new block. Search for ‘Table’ and insert the block in the editor. 

Now a popup window will appear and prompt you to choose the number of columns and rows you want to insert.

I have created a table with four columns and three rows. You can type anything in table cells, and those will automatically resize depending on how much content is in each. 

There are some basic settings available in the block menu of the table. From there, you will be able to change style, width, add header-footer, and manage background color. 

Besides, if you want, you can also add or delete column-rows anywhere. Just click on the edit table button then select your preferred option. 

Using the Table block is the best way to create a simple table in WordPress.

Creating A Table Using A WordPress Plugin

If you want to add an advanced table, then there’s no other way, but to use a plugin.

There are a handful number of table plugins out there. WP Table Builder is the only table plugin that comes with a drag and drop interface. It lets you create beautiful and responsive tables within 5 mins.

Now you need to install and activate the plugin. Once it’s done, go to WordPress Dashboard > Table Builder > Add New.

A drag and drop table builder interface will be popped up.

Now give a name to your table and then choose a pre-built template or click on the ‘black’ box to create a table from the scratch.

For the sake of this tutorial, we will be creating a table from the scratch. After click on the blank box, we need to select the number of rows and columns. And then click on ‘Generate’.

After click on ‘Generate’, you will see the rows and columns in action.

Now you need to drag and drop elements in the table cells. It’s extremely easy. Just drag and element from the left-hand sidebar and drop it into the table cell.

To learn more about how table builder works, check this quick video.

After your table is complete, don’t forget to save the table. 

Final Words

I hope you have got the whole process. If you need to use the table for the general process, it is wise to use the table block of the block editor.

Otherwise, it is recommended to use the WP Table Builder plugin. If you liked the post, don’t forget to share it and share your thoughts through the comment box below. 


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