How To Create A Comparison Table In WordPress (With/out A Plugin)

A comparison table always gives valuable information in an organized way. But to show the one you have to create a comparison table first. If you don’t know how to create a comparison table, then this post is for you. 

In this post, I will show you the process to add a comparison table to your WordPress page/ post. After reading the post you will be able to create one all by yourself. Let’s begin now. 

Creating A Comparison Table Without Using A Plugin

The default WordPress Block editor comes with a built-in Table block. By using the table block, you can create a simple comparison table in no time.

Just go to the post editor and click on the + sign to add a new block. Then search for ‘Table’ and insert it by clicking on it.

Then you need to select the number of columns and rows of your comparison table. And click on the ‘Create Table’ button.

It will automatically generate a table for you. Now click on the table cells and enter your data.

PopularLess Popular
Lots of PluginsLess Extensions
Less SecureMore Secure
Easy to UseNot Very Easy
User FriendlyDeveloper Friendly

I am taking a 2 by 2 size table. After you, input column and row click on ‘Create Table’. From the block settings toggle ‘Header Section.’  Now you will be able to add header to your table. 

By default, column alignment is left, but you can change it from the top menu. WordPress will automatically adjust column size by measuring words in the text. This may look a bit odd, therefore it is suggested to use ‘Fixed width table cells’. 

There are also other customization options, use them as you need. 

With the table block of WordPress, you can create a basic comparison table. If you want to create an advanced comparison table then it is suggested that you use WP Table Builder Plugin

Create A Comparison Table With Help Of Plugin

WP table Builder is a great plugin for creating any kind of table. It allows you to represent your comparison table in a unique way. To create a comparison table with help of WP Table Builder Plugin, First install and activate it. 

Navigate to Table builder -> Add new. 

Click on the plus button and define the number of columns and rows. Then hit the generate button. 

 Now add text, image, button, and other elements according to your need. For a better understanding see the below video first. 

When you are done with your table hit the save table button. 

Now copy the shortcode and paste to your post/page. You will find your comparison table present there. 

Final Words

Isn’t it that simple? So you have learned to create a comparison table. Go now and create your comparison table in the way you like. If you liked the post, share it with your friends, and freely share your thoughts through the comment box below. 

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