How To Add Social Share Buttons In WordPress (2 Ways)

add social share button
add social share button

Sharing is caring. A quick post sharing of yours can be a lot of help to others. Therefore, always try to add a social share button in your posts/pages. Besides, this button helps you to get more traffic in your posts/pages.

In an earlier version of WordPress, you had to write custom codes manually to add social share buttons. But now you can do it easily. In this post, I have shown how to add social share buttons in WordPress easily. Just follow the full post, and you will be able to add social share buttons all by yourself. 

Let’s begin then. 

Add WordPress Social Share Buttons Using Social Snap

Social snap is one of the very much popular plugins to add social share buttons. 

At first, install and activate Social Snap from the WordPress plugins directory. 

When you activate the plugin the social sharing buttons will be automatically added to your website. But you will be able to configure those by yourself. To configure Social Snap navigate to Social Snap -> Settings and then click on Social Sharing. 

Afterward, click on manage networks and add or remove social share buttons according to your wish. There are a total of 7 buttons available in the free version, if you want to unlock all of the buttons, then you have to upgrade to the pro version of the plugin. 

There are a lot of customization options available like if you want to keep your button in the floating sidebar, inline, or keep it sticky. Just browse through settings and customize in the way you like to. 

Add Social Share Buttons Using Ultimate Blocks

There are many ways to add a social share button in WordPress. But if you don’t want to write any code or do much hard work, then you can follow the method shown below. 

At first, download and install the Ultimateblocks plugin from the WordPress plugin repository. Don’t forget to activate the plugin after the installation process is complete. 

Now open a new post/page or edit the existing one. Click on the plus (+) button to add a new block and search for ‘Social share.’ 

Click on it, and it will be inserted in the editor. There are a total of six social share options available with this plugin. You can align this block in three different positions – left, center, and right. Just click on the align button above the block and select a suitable position. 

You can swap social share buttons by simply dragging them off. If you want to remove any social share button, click on the ‘setting’ button situated in the editor’s top right. Then click on Block.

Now click on Visibility and toggle any button that you don’t want. There is also a lot of other customization options available like size, shape, color, etc. 

Final Words

There are also many other ways and plugins that will allow you to add a social share button in WordPress. But its complex procedure may end up eating your valuable time. Therefore, I have shown you the easiest way. 

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