How to Add Icons in WordPress Posts/Pages

add icons in wordpress

Enhancing the visual experience of your WordPress post/pages is one of the key aspects of effective web design. One of the impactful ways to achieve this is by incorporating icons that provide aesthetic charm and help improve communication. 

If you don’t know how to add icons to your WordPress posts and pages, then don’t worry. This post is for you. From here, you can learn to add icons in WordPress. Just go through the whole post. 

Let’s begin. 

Adding Icons in WordPress

Here, I am showing the whole process in three simple steps. Follow these steps and add icons by yourself. 

Step 1: Install Ultimate Blocks

To create a LinkedIn share button in WordPress, install Ultimate Blocks on your WordPress website. Navigate to Plugins and search for ‘Ultimate Blocks’.

Don’t forget to activate the plugin after you install it.

Step 2: Insert Icon Block

Open the page post where you want to add icons. Click on the Add block (‘+’) button and search for ‘icon’ block. 

Click on the block to insert it. 

Click on the ‘Icon Library.

You will find thousands of WordPress icons as well as Font Awesome icons too. You can browse icons through categories or search for your desired icon. 

To search for an icon, simply type your keyword in the search box, and you will find your icon. To insert an icon, click on it, and it will be inserted. 

Step 3: Customize Icon

After inserting an icon, you can easily customize it. To customize, click on the settings icon. 

From here, you will be able to customize icon size and rotation. From the style tab, you can customize icon color, hover color, background color, and hover background color. 

Final Words

I hope you find adding icons easier. You can also do more with the Ultimate Blocks plugin, as it provides you with 20+ awesome blocks. Give it a try to other blocks and explore your creativity in WordPress. 

If you liked the post, then share it with your friends, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment box below. 

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