How to Add Icons to Buttons in WordPress

add icons to buttons

Visual appeal and user experience are crucial in engaging website visitors; incorporating icons into your buttons can make a significant difference. Buttons adorned with icons enhance the aesthetic appeal of your website and convey information more efficiently, guiding users toward desired actions. 

If you don’t know how to add icons to buttons, worry not. This post is for you. Here, I will show you the process of adding icons to buttons in WordPress. 

Let’s start. 

Adding Icons to Buttons in WordPress

You can add icons to buttons in WordPress with or without a plugin. Let’s start with the without using a plugin option.

Without Using a Plugin

If you don’t like to depend on plugins, then this procedure is for you. Though it has customization limitations but for single or two post’s this is a great procedure to add icons to buttons. 

Step 1: Add Buttons Block

First, insert the button using the button block. Click on the add block and search for the buttons. 

Insert it by clicking on it. 

Step 2: Add Icon to Button

Write text to your button and place your cursor at the point where you want to insert an icon image. 

Click on the ‘More’ option and select the ‘Inline image’ option. 

Choose your icon image and hit the select button. If you don’t have any icon images, you can always go to Google and download your required image. 

Step 3: Customization

Upon inserting an icon image, you can set the width of the image to fit with your button. Just click on the image and set the width as you wish. 

You can always customize your button further. 

Click on the settings and then switch to the Styles tab to customize the color and typography. 

Using a Plugin

If you prefer to do it more professionally and in an easy way, then it’s better to do it with a plugin. 

Step 1: Install Ultimate Blocks

To add icons to buttons in WordPress, install Ultimate Blocks on your WordPress website. Navigate to Plugins and search for ‘Ultimate Blocks’.

Don’t forget to activate the plugin after you install it.

Step 2: Insert Button (Improved) Block

Open the page post where you want to add icons to buttons. Click on the add block (‘+’) button and search for ‘Button (Improved)’. 

Click on the button and add your desired text. 

Step 3: Add Icons to Button

Click on the block settings and scroll below to the icons section. 

Click on ‘Selected icon’ and search for your desired icon. When you find it, click on it, and it will be inserted. 

Change the icon position as you require. 

Step 4: Customize

If you want to customize your button, you can switch to the styles tab and change styles, colors, borders, and much more. 

If you like to customize it even further, you can purchase the pro version of the plugin. 

Last Words

I hope you find this post useful and successfully learned how to add icons to buttons in WordPress. If you have any queries feel free to ask. Besides, if you want to explore more creativity inside you, play with Ultimate Blocks in your website and create whatever you wish in a simple way. 

If you liked the post, then share it with your friends, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts below. 

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