7 Best Social Proof & FOMO WordPress Plugins

You’ve launched a WordPress site, started getting visitors, and voila, people are lining up to buy your products.

That doesn’t happen in the ideal world. Customers on the internet require quite a bit of reassurance before purchasing a product. You need to build credibility to turn your visitors into customers.

One of the easiest ways to build credibility is by showing social proof. And a bit of FOMO will convert your visitors quickly.

That’s what eCommerce giants like Amazon are doing. They show you the reviews as social proof and offer discounts or free shipping to create a sense of urgency which is called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

You can do the same things on your WordPress site. All you have to do is using social proof and FOMO WordPress plugins.

Now let’s dive into the best plugins out there to enable these features into your WordPress site.

1. NotificationX

NotificationX is a WordPress notification plugin that showcases social proof of prior purchases of your products. It demonstrates sale notifications, email subscriptions, social proof popups, and more!

This plugin has over 10 notification types, which easily grab the attention of viewers on your website. These notifications can be designed in whichever format you want, as the plugin has over 30 design templates.

NotificationX also integrates with over 14 tools, such as MailChimp, WooCommerce, Envato, Contact Forms, Freemius, LearnDash, etc. With so many popular features and tools, it is not surprising that the plugin has over 20,000 active users and counting. 

NotificationX has a fairly simple setup procedure, with flexible and affordable price points and minimal coding. If you’re looking to enhance your business growth with sales alerts, WordPress reviews, download counts and notification bar showcasing special deals, then you’ve found the right plugin to work with. 

2. TrustPulse

Promising to boost your site conversions up to 15%, Trustpulse utilizes the power of notifications and updates to increase sales on your site. It harnesses the activity of real people on your site to increase the confidence of new users in your services.

TrustPulse comes with smart targeting – a unique tool that pinpoints the right time to target viewers and displays social proof notifications then. It leverages notifications on landing and checkout pages, which definitely works to increase the viewership of your website. Its popups are well designed to be both noticeable and discreet, giving customers a great buying experience. Plus, it assists you in analytics too, by keeping track of the purchases, downloads, and subscriptions on your site. 

Trustpulse seamlessly integrates with popular websites and e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace, etc.

3. Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum is an exciting WordPress plugin that avails the “fear of missing out” marketing idea to boost sales on your website. 

It has a drag and drop interface, which is easy to add to any new or old website. Its templates are absolutely editable, allowing you to change their fonts, colors, and styles as per your website’s requirements- making it seem like an original part of your website all along. Amongst its many tools exist a countdown timer, which gradually counts down the minutes and seconds till an offer expires out.

Customers viewing your site will come across the timer and immediately feel the urgency to purchase your product before the discount expires, creating a bulletproof conversion rate for your website. You can place the timer, notification bar, and related tools on top or below your webpage. As the templates are entirely editable, you can easily place these tools strategically on certain web pages with a higher chance of a conversion.

Thrive Ultimatum is 100% mobile responsive. It supports many languages, so if you’re looking to share a campaign in your native tongue, this is the plugin you need. It also has an exciting “Lockdown” feature, where only certain people can view a special offer page and avail your products. Even if other users try accessing your discount offers, they won’t be available to them. This ensures a true FOMO experience and helps visitors experience a real campaign experience. 

With floating banners, special widgets, and buzz-building launch offers, Thrive Ultimatum continues to awe visitors and crushes your sale goals in an effective manner.

4. WPfomify

WPfomify is a social proof plugin that helps in boosting conversions and increasing income. It showcases social proof using recent activity notifications and sale updates. 

This plugin shares the number of conversions, signups, and purchases on your site according to your required timeframes, creating a sense of necessity for visitors to your site. It also shows how many visitors come to view your site, which enhances trust between you and your customers. It requires no coding and can be easily implemented on any of your self-hosted WordPress sites. It can be customized to match the look and feel of your website. It is responsive for all devices and comes with a bunch of tools to track the number of conversions you get.

WPfomify comes with powerful add-ons and integrations such as WooCommerce, Envato, MailChimp, Zapier, and more. You may require many social proof tools, and this plugin suits them all. From time-limited offers to email subscriber activity to granular targeting, this plugin is jam-packed with resources!

5. WooCommerce Notification

WooCommerce Notification is a plugin that presents the sales and purchases on your site. It can be compared to a real-life shopping mall, where prospective customers can see your products being bought by other customers in real-time.

It helps buyers validate the purchases of others and creates a sense of trust that your products are desirable. It detects the real IP address of visitors on your site, then shows their geolocation to other customers as proof of their purchase. It also shows the products that they’ve purchased, which is a great marketing tactic to show your products to prospective buyers.

It uses sale information from WooCommerce to create notifications. You can customize the notifications with name, state, country, product, time, and more. As WooCommerce Notification enables you to keep track of your notifications, you can quickly determine which notifications are more interactive and interesting to prospective buyers. 

6. ProveSource Social Proof

Provesource is a social proof plugin that utilizes popup notifications, signups, and reviews as a sales tactic to help you sell more products. 

It shows honest feedback such as 5-star reviews from other customers to promote your products. It lets you customize popup look, position, timing, colors, images, and more. Its popups are editable to match your brand and store design, so they are easily integrated with your site. 

Provesource supports 22 languages, so if you’re interested in creating social proofs in your local language, this is just the right plugin for you!

7. Social Snap 

As a social media plugin, Social Snap helps your website grow by leveraging the power of social media. 

When people see others doing a particular action, they are more likely to take the leap and do the same thing. For example, if a post is widely shared amongst your peers, you are more likely to share it too! This plugin uses this idea to promote your posts with the highest count of shares. 

It allows you to show the number of shares on your post only after they’ve hit a certain benchmark so that people who see those posts realize that they’re widely shared- and thus- essential and relevant. On the other hand, if a post isn’t widely shared you can hide its share count, saving you from negative impressions from viewers. It also helps you retain the high share counts of a post even if its permalink is changed for some reason. 

Apart from this social proof feature, this plugin comes with a ton of other great features that can help enhance your site viewership and increase shares on your posts.


Now that you’ve gotten a brief understanding of the available social proof plugins, it’s time to determine which one is best suited for you. Are you looking for a WooCommerce based plugin or a regular plugin? What’s your budget? Which plugin has a pricing plan that suits your needs? (such as monthly or yearly packages) 

Once you’ve determined these issues, you can easily find a plugin that suits your needs. Social proof plugins are an essential tool for selling products, so be sure to choose the right one for maximum efficiency!

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