How To Add Read More In WordPress Posts

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Traffic is always important for every website, and we all take many steps to increase traffic for our site. In research, it is seen that most of the people try to ignore the big post and procedures. And no person reads the whole procedure unless he needed. Big posts make users boring and make it difficult for them to find the exact result he has been searching for. 

But everything is not possible to keep small. Well, there’s a way, you can add the “Read More” button to your posts and pages. This button hides the big paragraph and doesn’t open until the visitor wants to. 

If you don’t know how to add read more in WordPress then I am here. In this post, all the details are given. Just make sure, you read thoroughly and do exactly. 

Let’s begin then. 

How To Add Read More In WordPress Posts

To Add read more tags in WordPress at first download and install the UltimateBlocks plugin in your WordPress website. Don’t forget to activate the plugin. 

Now open the page post where you want to add Read more. Click on add new block button and search for the ‘Expand’ element. 

Click on it and a block will appear. Click on the plus (+) button in the middle of “show more” and Show less”. Now choose the paragraph block. [You can use any block here.] Write the text you need to add inside the read more button. 

Now rename the Show more and Show less, to Read more and Read less. Then update the post. 

Now check the preview for checking if everything has gone fine. 


I hope you have got everything right and successfully added read more button to your post and pages. In this way, you can add “read more button” or “show more button” anywhere in your post and pages. 

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