How to Center a Button in WordPress Block Editor

Buttons are a great way to add call-to-actions to a website. But by default, they always come as left-aligned in the WordPress block editor. This may not look aesthetically appealing or properly functional in all cases.

Centering buttons on WordPress websites can make the visual more balanced and help draw the attention of readers and visitors. Earlier users had to take the help of CSS and HTML code for aligning buttons on their websites.

But the WordPress block editor has made the process easy, even for no-code users. This tool, also known as the Gutenberg editor, provides an intuitive way to edit the content on your websites. Below is a simple button that is currently left-aligned.

Button Left Aligned

This article will show you the process of how to make this button center-aligned using the WordPress block editor. Let’s get started.

How to Center a Button in WordPress Block Editor

Whether you have one or several buttons on your WordPress page or post, you can center them easily by the following steps.

  • Take your cursor on the button and click on it.
  • This will select the button and open the block editor toolbar.
  • Click on the Change items justification icon.
  • Next, select the Justity items center from the expended options.
  • It will make your button center aligned.
Select Justify Items Center to Centrally Aligned WordPress Buttons

Below is the preview of the button we have aligned center.

In many cases, you may want to display double call-to-action buttons on your website. For example: Download Lite Plugin and Download Pro Plugin. Following the same above steps, you can centrally align them.

How to Centrally Align Two Buttons Using the WordPress Block Editor

There are some other occasions when you may want to center more than two buttons in the WordPress block editor. Adding social media share buttons is such an example. Below you can see we have center aligned four social media share buttons by the same approach.

Multiple CTA Buttons Center Aligned in WordPress Block Editor

Final Takeaway!

The WordPress block editor has revolutionized the web industry and the way of using it. The block button is one of its powerful features by which you can create and design unlimited CTA buttons you want.

With the help of the toolbar and justification options, you can change their positions to make them more suitable for the web design. If you want us to cover more interesting topics on WordPress like this one, let us know through the comment section.

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