How to Install and Activate Ultimate Blocks Pro

The Ultimate Blocks is one of the most popular Gutenberg Block plugins. If you have been using the plugin for at least a few days, you are bound to love its features and functionality. For a long time, only its free version was in the market.

But the Ultimate Blocks now have a premium version with extended features and functionalities. If you’re struggling to install and activate its pro version, we’ll explain to you the process in this article.

So, let’s explore how to install and activate Ultimate Blocks Pro.

How to Install and Activate Ultimate Blocks Pro #

Once you buy the Ultimate Blocks Pro, you’ll get a confirmation email with the plugin download link, license key, and other necessary details. Download the plugin by clicking on the link.

Download Ultimate Blocks Email

After downloading the Ultimate Blocks Pro plugin, log in to your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Plugins > Add New. Press the Upload Plugin button. You’ll get the option to upload the downloaded plugin.

Hit the Choose File button and select the plugin from your local drive. Click Install Now at the end. This will start the installation process.

Upload and Install the Ultimate Blocks Pro Plugin

When the installation is done, press the Activate Plugin button. Next, you have to submit the license key to function the plugin.

Activate the Plugin

Go to the Plugins page. Below the Ultimate Blocks Pro plugin, you’ll see Activate License option. Click it.

Activate License Key

Copy-paste the License Key you received through email. Press the Agree & Activate License button at the end. This will make the pro plugin functional and start working.

Write the License Key

You’ll get the notification ‘Your account was successfully activated with the Pro plan’.

Plugin Activated

Conclusion #

Installing the Ultimate Blocks Pro is a very simple task. The whole process won’t take you more than 5-7 minutes. But if your internet is slow, completing the whole process may take a bit longer. 

Hope this article has helped you overcome your struggle. If you want to know anything more about the process or this plugin, kindly mention your question in the comment box below. Thank you for your time!

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Updated on September 27, 2023

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