Countdown Block

Using the Countdown block, you can add countdown timers to your website. These timers can create a sense of urgency and psychologically stimulate users to complete desired actions within a specific time frame.

We’ll break down how to use the Countdown block in this documentation.

Adding the Countdown Block #

  • Hit the Plus (+) icon to open the Gutenberg block editor.
  • Write Countdown in the search box on the editor.
  • Click the block after it appears below.
Add the Countdown Block

General Settings #

  • Go to the Time Expiration section on the right sidebar.
  • Set Time and Date.
  • To set the countdown time, set any time in the future from the current time.

Suppose today is 24 May 2023. To set 2 weeks 3 days 15 hours and 30 minutes, we have selected 11 June 2023 and rest accordingly.

Set Time Expiration Period
  • Expand the Unit display section next.
  • You can set the largest and smallest unit for the countdown timer.
  • As we have selected Weeks as the largest and Seconds as the smallest unit, you can see in between all the elements in the timer.
Set Unit
  • Suppose we have set day as the largest and second as the smallest unit.
  • As a result, the Week unit has been removed and converted into days.
Set Largest and Smallest Units

Style #

  • You will get three countdown timer styles on the pointed area on the Gutenberg block editor.
  • They are Regular, Circular, and Odometer.
  • Switch between them and finalize the one you like.
  • The Circular mode will give you further stylization options.
  • You can colorize and resize Circular styled countdown timer.
Stylize the Countdown Timer

Conclusion #

The Countdown timer is a simple but effective feature to boost conversion. You can use this block on any commercial website like eCommerce, streaming, and service-selling agency websites.

But better if you use this feature during occasions like Christmas, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Hope you can now use this block on your website following the guide.

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