Call To Action Block

The Call To Action (CTA) block allows you to create visually stunning calls to action on your website. This can help you drive user engagement and specific actions like download, signup, purchase, book appointment, get started, and more.

Take a quick tour of how to use the Call To Action block.

Adding Call To Action Block #

  • Open any post/page from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Press the Plus (+) icon on the post/page.
  • Type Call To Action in the search box of the Gutenberg block editor.
  • Click the Call To Action block once it appears below.
Add Call To Action Block

General Settings #

  • You can write a catchy title for the CTA block on top.
  • Immediately below, you can write a CTA text. Make sure the text is brief.
  • Add a CTA copy on the Call To Action button.
  • Paste the link of the post/page where you want to direct users when they click the CTA button.
  • From the Link section located on the right sidebar, you can set nofollow, open in a new tab, and sponsorship for the link.
General Settings of the Call To Action Block

Style #

  • Jump into the Color section on the right sidebar.
  • You’ll get options to change the Background and Border Color of the block.
Colorize the Call To Action Block
  • The Headline section lets you change the Font Size, enable Heading Tag, and apply Color.
  • Toggle on the option next to Use Heading Tag if you want to set a heading (H1-H6) for the title.
Colorize the Headline of the Call To Action Block
  • Go to the Content section to stylize the CTA content.
  • This section will allow you to modify the Font Size and Color of the content.
Colorize Content on the Call To Action Block
  • Go to the Button section to stylize the CTA button.
  • This section will let you change the Button Width, Font Size, Button Color, and Button Text Color.
Colorize the Button of the Call To Action Block

Conclusion #

The Call To Action is a powerful block that enables you to convert potential visitors into leads and customers. You can psychologically trigger them to complete the actions that you wish them to do.

Hopefully, following this step-by-step documentation, you can customize this Call To Action block and fit it for your website’s goal and branding.

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