HowTo Schema Block

The HowTo Schema is an advanced block you can use to add structured data markup to instructional content, guides, and step-by-step tutorials. It can help you enhance the visibility of your content in search engines and snippets.

In this documentation, we’ll guide you on how to use the HowTo Schema block.

Adding the HowTo Schema Block #

  • Hit the Gutenberg Block editor by clicking the Plus (+) icon.
  • Type HowTo Schema in the search box.
  • Press the HowTo block when you see it appear below.
Add the HowTo Schema Block

General Settings #

The HowTo Schema block comes with many features and functionalities. We’ll introduce you to them one by one.

  • Give a catchy title to the HowTo Schema.
  • Write an introductory copy (for SEO benefits).
  • Click the Add Step button to add steps to the schema.
Add Title
  • You can see below we have already added the schema title, introductory copy, step title, and image.
  • Once you click the Add Step button we showed you above, you’ll get options to add the step tile and an image.
  • You can set headings for each title in the Title Tag section on the right sidebar.
  • But we recommend you leave them as default because it already contains the perfect hierarchy.
Set Title Tag
  • Click the Add Step button to keep adding as many steps as you want.
  • From the Desktop image display settings, you can define the Image Width and Image Float position.
Add More Steps and Set Image Position
  • You can often cover multiple sections or methods, each including several steps, under a HowTo Schema.
  • Toggle on the Use sections belonging to the General section.
  • It will allow you to add a new title.
  • You can use this title to define the section or method title.
Add Section/Method Title in HowTo Schema
  • Toggle on the option Use additional recommended attributes.
  • This will add some extra attributes to the block.
  • They are Video Link, Total Cost, and Time Required to actualize the process.
  • To make sure the video link has been added, press the Apply icon after adding the video link to the box.
Add Additional Attributes

To show users the supplies and tools required to realize the guide, you can also mention them in this schema.

  • Toggle on the Include list of supplies and Include list of tools.
  • Enabling them will add two new buttons on the post/page.
  • You can create lists of supplies and tools by clicking these buttons.
Add Required Tools and Supplies

Thus, you can add and use the HowTo Schema on your website. Take a look at an example of the HowTo Schema block.

Conclusion #

Technical SEO is an important part of quickly ranking blog posts and pages in search engine results. Because it makes your website information easier for search engines to understand.

But most web owners fail to earn enough traction from search engines due to limited SEO knowledge. Using the HowTo Schema, you can overcome many of your limitations and make your content a piece of cake for readers and search engines.

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Updated on May 29, 2023

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